About Us

Trianglein connects three seemingly unconnected spheres of Law, Economics and People with each other to provide a holistic platform of expression. It was developed as an open source legal platform in 2018. Today it is a full fledged media outlet, with a dedicated team of writers and editors that manages one of India’s most fluid and hybrid website. It also runs two legal news podcasts, one in UK and the first such endeavour in India entitled – The Legal Gospel. However, Trianglein’s operations are not limited to these areas. Trianglein believes in a socially responsible model that benefits all stakeholders including professionals, students and researchers. The areas that we focus on are:

– Providing a platform for professionals, students and researchers to publish articles
– A free news outlet that gives the latest news on Law and Economics
– A Daily Legal News Podcast
– Byte-sized news for Instagram
– Free technical and media partnerships for webinars
– Open-Access Academic Journals to foster research and promote dissemination of knowledge without any financial constraints
– Partnerships with law firms for better development of interns
– Study circles in colleges across India
– Programmes curated to teach the practical aspects of law